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1 Day: Vladimir and Suzdal by train

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During your Moscow tours you've probably seen lots of Old Russian churches and monasteries.  But if you really wish to find yourself travelling back in time we highly recommend that you visit two old towns Vladimir and Suzdal.

Vladimir is most famous for its three 12th century monuments : the five-domed Assumption Cathedral with magnificent frescoes of Andrey Rublev, the warrior-like cathedral of St. Demetrius notable for its unique carvings and the Golden Gate, which used to be a tower over the city's main gate.

A real wonder of the trip is an ancient Russian town Suzdal.  It was once the capital of Rostov-Suzdal principality. This town is like a museum under the open sky, its medieval monuments can tell you its old story.  This place is very quiet for there are no train stations or industries. Gazing at its blue river, wooden houses, picturesque meadows you may feel that time has stopped here.

Sample tour itinerary:

8.30/8.45 am  meeting with a Bridge to Moscow representative who will take you to the train station by metro, put you on the train as well as explain how to get back to the hotel in the evening
09.30 - 11.14 am Train to Vladimir
Meeting with your guide-driver or a guide and a driver
11.30 – 12.30 The tour of the central part of Vladimir includes Assumption cathedral (famous for Andrey Rublev's frescoes), St Demetrius cathedral (outside), Golden Gates (outside)
12.30 – 1 am Driving to Suzdal
1am – 2am Lunch break
2pm – 5pm  Sightseeing tour of Suzdal includes the Museum of Wooden Architecture, St Euthimius monastery  where you can listen to bell ringing or Intersession conventSuzdal Kremlin, trading square
Driving back to Vladimir to take 17.59 train back to Moscow  which arrives at 19.40

In summer time it is possible to stay a bit longer and go to Bogolyubovo famous for the  beautiful Pokrova-on-the-Nerl church which is located in the meadows.
20.15 – 22.00 Train back to Moscow

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