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7 curious facts and legends about 7 sisters.

7 curious facts and legends about 7 sisters.
1.    Did you know that 8 high-risers were supposed to be constructed in Moscow instead of 7? Later on they were called Seven Stalin Sisters. Number 8 symbolized 800 anniversary of Moscow, which was celebrated in 1947 when the decree about construction of high-risers was issued.

2.    The prototype of Seven Sister was the Municipal Building in New York city built in 1898.

3.    The eighth building was intended for the Peoples Commissariat of Heavy Industry. The basement was completed but  later, during the time of Khruschev, the biggest in Europe hotel named Rossia appeared on that spot instead. According to the story there was a two-level bunker for the government under the hotel.

4.    Originally the high-riser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was supposed to be without a spire. But according to the legend, Stalin ordered to top it with a spire. Being afraid that the building would not sustain its heaviness, it was made of steel and painted with ochre to match the color of the building.

5.    The residential building on Kudrinskaya square has an air-raid shelter in its basement. On upper floors there was some equipment for observance over the American Embassy located nearby.

6.    The tallest building among Seven Sisters is the Moscow State University which has 36 stories. The legend says the basement was frozen when the high-riser was being constructed to avoid of subsiding soil. This technique was widely use in the construction of Moscow Metro.

7.    One of the office-residential buildings has an entrance to metro station Krasnue Vorota. During its construction the high-riser was deliberately being built with incline on its side since the frozen soil of one part of the building (where the metro station was) was supposed to sink whereas the other side was supposed to raise. This technique was applied for the first time.

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