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Moscow subway The deepest station of  the Moscow metro  is "Park Pobedy", 84 meters, the height of 28 storey building. It's one of the deepest stations in the world. At the same metro station one can experience the longest escalator (126 m). Standing at the bottom one can not see the top.

Moscow metro construction started in 1930-s. At that time geological surveys were conducted and it appeared that the nature of the soil would make tunneling particularly difficult in Moscow.  Many underground rivers were discovered. It was safer to dig tunnels deep under the ground level.  The depth of the tunnels usually ranges from 35-55 meters.

Moscow metro was built not only as public transport. In 1930-s the country was already preparing for a possible war. During the Siege of Moscow, in 1941, metro stations were used as air-raid shelters. Council of Ministers moved its offices to the platforms of Mayakovskaya, where Stalin made public speeches on several occasions. Another station Chistye Prudy accommodated the headquarters of the Air Defense. Many stations built during the Cold War are very deep and were planned as shelters in the event of nuclear attack. 

During your Moscow tours we advise you to see not only beautiful halls of Moscow metro but take a picture of the longest escalator.  

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