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The rule of the leaders succession

The rule of the leaders succession According to the rule of the leaders succession in Russia it'll be not a bald man. The paradox lies in the fact that bald and hairy leaders alternate each other. That rule has never been broken since 1825 when Nickolas I came to power. This regularity is inexhaustible ground for the political jokes and satire.

Of course, by the word "bald" we understand not only completely bald politians such as  Nikita Krushchev, but also a person having relatively small amount of hair with large bald spots (f.i. Vladimir Putin)

Nickolas I was almost bald, especially towards the end of his time in power. His son Alexander II had a very large head of hair, but the next emperor - Alexander III - was completely bald. The last of the Romanovs - Nicholas II - was hairy.

How did this rule  work in the 20th century?

Lenin was bald
Stalin had hair
Khrushchev was completely bald
Brezhnev had hair
Andropov was nearly bald
Chernenko had hair.
Gorbachev is bald
Yeltzin had hair
Putin is growing bald
Medvedev has hair
Putin is growing bald

This joke probably doesn't have a single author. It is difficult to determine when this paradox was described for the first time. The pattern became widely known during the reign of Leonid Brezhnev when enough material for reflection had already been accumulated. Initially, the chain began with Lenin and Finished with Brezhnev. But it was so surprising to discover that the rule of "bald and hairy" leaders work even in  the modern Russia.

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