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Holocaust memorial synagogue

The Holocaust Memorial Synagogue
The Holocaust Memorial Synagogue
The Holocaust Memorial Synagogue is a part of the WWII Memorial complex in Victory Park. It was built to commemorate the Jews who died in the USSR during the war.

This is a modern building developed by Moshe Zarhi, a noted Israeli architect. The interior and exterior was designed by Frank Meisler. A large menorah stands outside the building.

“Having a Jewish Holocaust synagogue and museum at this prestigious location is an amazing achievement for the Russian Jewish community.” said Michael Steiner, the director of JDC Moscow. Yet much needs to be done. The education system in Russia does not provide enough information on the Holocaust, and this is the only Holocaust museum in the country.

The services in the synagogue are held about nine times a year, including Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Sabbath evening services are held every Friday at 5pm and on Saturday mornings.

The museum exposition covers the story of the Jews in Russia before the Revolution, and it analyzes the phenomenon of the Holocaust on Soviet-controlled territory and in neighboring areas of Poland. Displays include copies of Nazi extermination orders, photographs of Jews in ghettoes and massacre sites, and various artifacts. Other sections concentrate on Jewish combatants during the Great Patriotic War.

The museum offers free tours, but it's important to book in advance. Your Moscow tour guide can help you to arrange the booking and arrange a local guide if an interpreter is needed.


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