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Jewish Moscow tour

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Today Moscow is home to the largest Jewish community in Russia. It numbers around 250 thousand people, although it's hard to be certain about this figure. (Not every Jew living in Russia would state that he or she actually belongs to the Jewish nationality)  During your Moscow tours you can explore the life of Jewish community, visit Moscow synagogues (there're six of them), kosher restaurants, schools, cultural centres and Jewish museums.

Moscow Choral synagogue
Moscow Choral synagogue

Jewish sights are scattered around Moscow. You can spend several days exploring the Jewish heritage of Moscow. But if you're lack of time we'd recommend you at least to visit the Old Choral synagogue. It's the oldest Moscow synagogue, very beautiful building and it's very close to Red Square. You can easily include it in  our classic 1 day tour of Moscow.

If you have more time we offer you our classic tours of Jewish Moscow.


The tour of Jewish Moscow. 

09.30  Meeting with a guide and driver

10.00 Old Choral Synagogue. This synagogue recently celebrated 100 year anniversary. It is a very impressive building, constructed by renowned Moscow architect Roman Klein. This synagogue was the only one that continued to operate throughout the Soviet years.

Zaradie. You'll see the area where Jews used to live in the 19th century.  The former Jewish quarter was completely destroyed in the Soviet times, but your Moscow guide will tell you about its past

11.30  Holocaust memorial synagogue It was built co commemorate the Jews who died during the war on the territory of the USSR. The synagogue has the Holocaust museum.
Nearby in the Victory park you can see the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust

13.30 Lunch break

14.30 -16.30 The visit to one of Moscow Jewish museums (Let us know which one you prefer)
Jewish museum and the center of tolerance dedicated to the history of Russian Jews starting from the period of Catherine II the Great to our days. This museum applies to interactive media technologies which make memorable, thought-provoking, appealing not only to adults but also children of different age groups.

After the tour you can stay in the museum longer and watch its fantastic collection of documentaries. Our Moscow tour guide can also accompany you  back to the hotel or arrange a taxi. 

As an alternative you can go to the Museum of Jewish history. It is devoted to the history of Jews in Russia. Unlike the tolerance center this museum doesn’t use any kind of media technologies but has a collection of artifacts, illustrating the everyday life, culture and religion of Jews living in Russia since the 18th century up to our days.

Tour duration: 7-8 hours
Tour cost: 10500 RUB (guiding) + 5600 / 7000 RUB (4 hour driving by car/minivan) 
Additional expenses:  Jewish museum entrance fees, metro or taxi expenses to go back to the hotel

Comment: Please note that Holocaust memorial synagogue is closed on Monday and Saturday, the museum of Jewish history is closed on Saturday, Jewish museum and the center of tolerance is closed on Saturday.

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Other important Jewish sights of Moscow

 We'll be glad to include any of the Jewish sights mentioned below in your Jewish Moscow tour itinerary


The synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya

This synagogue was first to appear in Moscow. It was built as a private synagogue by millionaire Polakov who was the head of the  Jewish community in Moscow. There was a secret tunnel underneath  that would help the congregation to escape during pogroms. The synagogue has a small museum.


Nearby you can see the Shalom Aleichem statue and the building of the former Jewish theatre where actor Solomon Mikhoels used to play

Jewish community centre

Here you can learn more about cultural and religeous life of Moscow Jews today, meet locals and see what educational programs the centre offers. The center belongs to Chabad-Lubavitch and has a spacious synagogue. The center is located close to the Moscow Jewish museum and Tolerance center

Jewish cultural center

at the Nikitskaya street offers educational programs such as art studios, concerts, festivals plus an opportunity to connect to the rich history and traditions of the Jewish people. You can have a visit to the center during your Moscow tour

 The images from the tour of Jewish Moscow

The interior of Moscow Choral synagogue
The interior of Moscow Choral synagogue

The museum of Jewish history
The museum of Jewish history

The memorial to the victims of  Holocaust in Victory park
The memorial to the victims of Holocaust in Victory park

Jewish museum and the center of tolerance
Jewish museum and the center of tolerance

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