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Two day standard program for the land tourists

Day 1

9 am. Meeting in the lobby of your hotel: we will be waiting for you with a plaque with your name on it. 

9-10:30am.First part of the city tour.

10:30-11 pm.   Church on the Spilt Blood  inside excursion.
Erected on the place of assassination of Alexander II and designed in the style of Moscow and Yaroslavl churches, the church was  left in neglect  by the Soviets as “a church of no artistic value” but now completely restored. The Church of Our Savior on Blood is famous because of its mosaics: they cover more than 7000 square meters  and will impress you with their  beauty and skill. This is an icon of St Petersburg and one of the best photo spots in the city for tourists.
11.30-1.30 pm. Inside guided Tour of Hermitage Museum.
The Hermitage, which contains one of the richest  art collections in the world (3 million pieces of art), is situated in more than 1000 beautifully decorated  rooms ( which are masterpieces on their own) and will without any doubt, strike your imagination and serve as a  pretext for a return to St Petersburg.

1.45-2.30 pm. Lunch (optional) or skipping lunch to spend more time in the Hermitage. 3.00-

4.00pm.Public boat ride along rivers and canals (with an English- speaking guide) or private boat ride (for the groups from 6+ people).
St Petersburg boat tours are a perfect way to see St Petersburg under a bit different angle – sailing under numerous bridges (many of which have very elegant railings designed by famous Russian artists) along rivers and canals (including the Neva River), and listening to curious stories from your guide. You can make this trip during your day tour, after it (returning back to your hotel or to your ship to have a rest first) or even take a night tour which lasts 1.5 hours and during which you can see how the bridges open on the Neva River (which is a fantastic view and romantic view). St Petersburg boat tours are especially majestic during the White Nights season in St Petersburg.

4:30 pm. Return to the hotel.

Day 2

9:00 am. Meeting in the lobby of your hotel.

9.30-11.00 pm. Travel to Tsar’s Village. Visit of Siege Memorial and stop near beautiful
Chesma Church.

The St Petersburg Siege Memorial (a Monument to the Defenders of Leningrad) commemorates the hardship that Leningrad‘s (the previous name of St Petersburg) citizens endured during the blockade which lasted 900 days (1941-1943) and took away about 1.5 million lives. Paid for by public donations, the monument was unveiled in 1975. The most striking part of the memorial are the larger-than–life blackened bronze tableaux of partisans, salvage workers, nurses, and other citizens, facing south towards the enemy. The St Petersburg Siege Memorial was constructed on a truly grand scale, it was designed to be viewed from a distance or from a passing vehicle (it’s on the main road to and from the airport). In the subterranean memorial hall are scattered relics from the siege, set in heavy marble sarcophagi, including a violin that was used in a performance of Shostakovich‘s Seventh Symphony during the Blockade. A seven minute documentary film that vividly depicts the hardships and horrors of the time will be shown to you as well.

11.00-12:30pm Inside guided tour of Catherine Palace with Amber Room.Walk in a royal park.
 Catherine Palace with its blue and white fasade (created by Italian architect Rastrelli) avoided monotony by using a profusion of atlantes, columns, and pilasters. When entering inside you will find  a continuous succession of interconnecting rooms in sumptuous Baroque style and somewhere in the middle of that enfilade is the  famous Amber Room which was called  by contemporaries  “the eighth  wonder of the world”.

12:30-1pm.Walk in The Catherine Park .

12.30-1.30pm. Driving to Petergof

1:30-2:30pm.Lunch (optional).

2:30- 4pm. Petergof  Lower Park.
Peterhof was the first of the great Imperial ensembles to be established outside St Petersburg and is definitely “a must see” for any first time visitor of St Petersburg. Completely dedicated to the Russian victory over Sweden in the “Northern War”, it is often called the “Russian Versailles” but actually it has surpassed Versailles in many respects: it is a real “kingdom of fountains” with four cascades, a variety of unique and playful fountains, Grand Peterhof Palace, and 5 other small palaces.

5:30pm. Return to the hotel or evening optional program.
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