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5 days/4 hights: Murmansk, Teriberka, Lovozero, Kirovsk

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During the tour you'll explore the diversity of the Kola Peninsula nature and experience numerous fun winter activities. 4 nights give you much better chances to track the Northern Lights. You might admire it near Murmansk, on the Lovozero lake or  in the Khibiny mountains.

Day 1. Murmansk

12.05 pm Arrival to Murmansk  
Meeting with a local guide and drive

Optional visit to the husky farm. 
During the tour you’ll a chance to play and pet friendly husky dogs and experience 3 or 6 km dog sledding.  This husky farm mainly focuses on training dogs for sport. During your tour you’ll hear a lot of interesting stories about Polar expeditions and sledding races, learn about northern sledding breeds and take lots of wonderful memory photos.
You'll be offered tea with a pie
 Upon arrival to Murmansk you’ll have a short driving tour of the city. Murmansk is one of the largest sea-ports in the world; it is also famous for its fleet of ice-breakers. You’ll stop at the top of one of the hills surrounding this fjord on the Barents Sea and enjoy the impressive view of the city. During the tour you’ll also learn the heroic dependence of the city during the Second World War and visit several war memorials.
Check in Murmansk hotel
At  8 pm your might join an optional Aurora Borealis hunting. This tour is offered only in favorable weather conditions. The tour lasts 1,5 - 4 hours You  will be taken to places outside of the city to see the Northern Lights untarnished by light pollution.

Day 2. Teriberka. A Trip to the Arctic Ocean

A tour to Teriberka, the gateway to the Arctic Ocean. Kola Peninsula  gives you a unique chance to   reach the wild edge of untouched Arctic just during one day trip on a car.

09 am Meeting with a guide and driver
Departure to the village Teriberka, an old fishing village on the coast of the Barents Sea.
A visit to the old fishing village of Teriberka, a sleigh ride to the seashore.

The first thing that you will see when entering Teriberka is a graveyard of wooden ships that have already become a local landmark and an object of admiration for tourists and photographers. According to local residents, these vessels have been here since the 19th century, which served the fishermen in the fisheries.
On a walking tour of the outskirts of Teriberka, you can observe mysterious stones of a large size, under which much smaller stones stand. It is still unclear how the ancient inhabitants were able to lift them.

A trip to the rocky beach with a long beautiful cape and a waterfall that freezes in winter before the first thaw.

Lunch in a local restaurant to try typical  cuisine of the North (fish soup, crabs, venison).

On the way back to Murmansk you might have another opportunity of Tracking the Northern Lights

Day 3. Murmansk - Lovozero

10 am Meeting with your guide and driver
An optional tour of the atomic icebreaker “Lenin”. Launched in 1957, it was the world's  first surface ship with a nuclear power plant. Icebreaker was built in the Soviet Union, first and foremost, to serve the Northern Sea Route. 
A stop for lunch.
After lunch we’ll be heading for Lovozero, a place where you can get to know the indigenous people of  Kola Peninsula. On our way we’ll stop at the Sami Village. 

During the tour you will learn about most important and interesting aspects of life of this ancient northern people. Visiting a  house-chum,  sheathed from the inside with the skins of deer, watching unusual shamans rites, listening to the music of vargan, making friends with a reindeer. During the tour you’ll be treated with herbal tea and a home-made pie, make a photo session in traditional Sami cloths and enjoy a  snowmobile excursion of the area.

Upon arrival at Lovorezo village, you are dressed up for proper clothing for your snowmobile adventure. You will have a sleigh ride pulled by a snowmobile to a remote guest-house on the lake, it’ll take you about 40 min to get their.
After a home-made dinner you’ll have a chance to walk around the area and possibly watch the Norther Lights. The guest house is located in such a remote area that on a good day you may watch Aurora Borealis right from the grounds of your hotel


Day 4. Lovozero-Kirovsk

After breakfast we recommend you to have a short walk of the area witch is really picturesque
10 am Optional cross-country skiing or winter fishing . Let us know which activity you prefer. The fishing is best in the morning while cross-country skiing is great at any time.
In both cases you’ll be escorted by a representative from the hotel.

Lunch break

After lunch you’ll take a transfer to Kirovsk

Upon arrival to Kirovsk you'll have time to visit the Snow Village. Snow Village is is a unique building made exclusively of snow and ice. Each year in every November, ice sculptors from all over the region come to Kirovsk to design  the snowy halls and tunnels, make snow and ice sculptures,  create unusual illumination. The theme of the decoration always remain unique.

An optional visit to the Mysterious Forest. This park with snow and ice sculptures will be a fun  place for kids. Walking along the paths, you might find  a snow idol from Easter Island,  a wreck of a spaceship, or even a long-distance alien. The snow sculptures are illuminated by mysterious lights.

Day 5. Kirovsk

09 am Meeting with a driver
Transfer to a snowmobile station. You’ll join a snowmobile tour to the heart of  the Khibiny Mountains.

The tour duration varies from 1,5 to 5 hours but each option offers breathtaking views of the area. You’ll be provided with the full equipment including warm protective cloths, a helmet, balaclava, boots, and gloves. The group travels under the guidance of an experienced instructor.
Lunch break
3.30 pm Transfer to Apatite Airport


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