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5-star hotels

Moscow has a wide range of luxurious five star hotels. Many of them are in close vicinity to the Kremlin. In some rooms of the National, the Metropol, the Ritz Carlton or the Balchug Kempinsky hotels you'll be treated to fantastic views over Red Square.

Not many hotels in Moscow have survived since pre-revolutionary times. If you choose to stay in the Metropol (built in 1905), the National (built in 1903) or the Savoy (built in 1913) you'll be able to feel the unique aura of the old times. Very different are the modern high-tech Ararat Park Hyatt, the Crown Plaza or the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy hotels.

Most of Moscow 5-star hotels are very expensive. All the services (car rent, guide, Internet, food, laundry) are usually much overprised. A cup of coffee in a 5-star hotel might cost 3 times more than in a normal cafe in the city. If you want to save money you can check our prices for our services and book our Moscow tour guide.

Accomodation guide. Moscow 5-star hotels

Name Location/
Map Size
Ararat Park Hyatt
Cty center, near the Bolshoi Theatre/
luxury modern hotel
220 rooms
Baltschug KempinskiCity center, across Moscow River overlooking the Kremlin and Red Square/
luxury historic hotel
230 rooms.
Crown Plaza
Close to the city center, business part of Moscow /
modern business hote, lpart of World Trade Center
570 rooms
Golden RingDowntown of Moscow, near Arbayt street
293 rooms
Hilton Moscow LeningradskayaClose to the city center, close to the  square of 3 Train stations/
The hotel has been completely renovated, this is one of famous Stalins Seven Sister
273 rooms
Mamaison Pokorovka
Moscow downtown, 25 min walking to Red Square/
Luxury modern hotel, spacious accommodation
84 rooms.
Marriott GrandCity center, on Tverskaya street 387 rooms
Marriott Royal AuroraCity center, close to Bolshoy theatre/

230 rooms


City center, in 3 min. walk from Red Square and the Kremlin/
luxury historic hotel
360 rooms.
NationalCity center, overlooking Red Square/
Luxury historical hotel
220 rooms
Petr 1City center, close to famous Sandunovsky bath house/
New boutique hotel
130 rooms
PresidentCity center, overlooking Moscow river
200 rooms
RenaissanceNot far from the downtown close to Sport Complex Olimisky/
a joint venture of Moscow Government and Marriott International hotel chain.
475 rooms
Ritz-Carlton MoscowCity center, close to Red Square and the Kremlin/
new posh hotel, probably the most luxurious in Moscow
334 rooms
SavoyCity center, close to Bolshoy Theatre/
Empire style boutique hotel
67 rooms
Swissotel Krasnye HolmyBusiness part of Moscow, close to the historic center/
business hotel in high-tech style
233 rooms

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