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A trip to Nikola Lenivets

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We invite you to visit Nikola-Lenivets, one of the most unusual Russian land art parks. Until recently not many people have heard of a small sleepy village in the Kaluga region. But one artist changed the destiny of the place. Nikolay Polissky turned the village into a contemporary art park, which has become a magnet for art lovers from all over the world.

Nikola Lenivets
Nikola Lenivets

What to see

Nicola-Lenivets is Europe's largest art park or the park of art installations. The picturesque landscape of the park, hilly banks of the Ugra river, spacious meadows are ideal settings for modern art objects and installations.

Ugruan, Nikolay Polissky
Ugruan, Nikolay Polissky
In 2000 Nikolay Poliisky with the help of peasants and residents of nearby villages created an 'open-air museum", featuring a set of objects around the village. It was armies of snowmen, towers made of hay, firewood, rods.  

Only here you can see a fortress made of cones or a 16-meter tall lighthouse made of impossibly bent elm tree branches. Another interesting object is called the "Wooden Ear". A panoramic platform inside offers a fantastic opportunity to focus on the contemplation of the surrounding beauty. You can climb almost on each object, touch it with your hands, take a picture of the incredible view you get from the top.
Bobur, Nikolay Polissky
Bobur, Nikolay Polissky

When to come

The park is open all year round. However, we think that the best season to visit Nikolo-Lenivets is from May to early October. This is the time when you can easily get to most of the art objects and enjoy the picturesque landscape.

The Ugra River
The Ugra River
Each year Nikola Lenivets attracts thousands of visitors to take part in the Archstoyanie festival. Numerous new art objects are made especially for the festival and the guests can also watch contemporary theatre performances and light shows. The event usually takes place in Mid-July.

In late autumn and early spring, the park's country lanes become too difficult to pass.

It might also be an interesting experience to visit the park in winter, but you’ll most likely need to rent cross-country skis.

universal mind, Nikolay Polissky
universal mind, Nikolay Polissky

How to get around the park

Nikolo-Lenivets’ territory encompasses 650 hectares of land. If you come by taxi it’ll make sense to keep it as otherwise it will be too far to walk around.

In summertime you may rent a bike and if have children, a bike with a child seat. Riding a bike is a fun way to get around.

In winter the park staff prepares a route for cross-country skiing. You can rent skis at the Nikolo Lenivets visit center.

White Gates, Nikolay Polissky
White Gates, Nikolay Polissky

How to get to Nikolo-Lenivets

The distance from Moscow is 200 to 220 km, depending on the route you choose. There are two main routes: the Kyiv or Minsk highway. However, the last 10 km of you’ll be driving slowly as the road approaching the park is in poor condition. Overall expect to spend about 4 - 4,5 hours one way.

As an alternative, you may take a train from Moscow to Kaluga (2-3 hours depending on the train you choose) and then take a taxi to the place (70 km or 1,5-hour drive).


Where to stay

You can stay overnight at the premises of the park. They offer accommodation in small guest houses scattered around the park. To get an idea of what is available you can take a look at the official website. You might also stay in a camping where you can rent a tent and a sleeping bag.

Clover house
Clover house

 If you're planning Moscow tours for more than 3 days and you're interested in contemporary art Nikola-Lenivets is truly a great destination.


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