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Buying train tickets

Trains remain very popular, safe, fast and often inexpensive way to get around Russia. There're numerous overnight or rapid day trains connecting Moscow and St Petersburg. Trains serve almost every town and city in Russia and we believe that it's is truly a very interesting way to get to know the country

Planning your Moscow tour it's better to purchase train tickets in advance. Today you can book a ticket on-line through numerous Internet agencies. They usually start selling tickets 45 days in advance. The cheapest way will be to use the official Russian Railways site rzd.ru. It's written only in Russian but if any of your friends speak Russian it'll be helpful. You can also try using google translate although that'll be a more complicated procedure.

When booking a ticket you should choose the class of the train car:
1)    1st class.   ("Lux") Each compartment has two beds on a low level.
2)    2nd class ("Kupe") Each compartment has four beds, two below and two above.
3)    3d class ("Platskartny vagon"). The carriage has no separate compartments but only partitions. Each section has 4 beds on onу side of the aisle and two on the opposite side. This category is very cheap (You can get to St Petersburg for about 30 EUR) but less comfortable.

It's also possible to get a ticket while you're in Moscow. We have 9 railway stations. It doesn't matter which city you're planning to go, you can choose any train station and get a ticket there.You'll need to find long-distance trains ticket offices (In Russian it's 'КАССЫ ПОЕЗДОВ ДАЛЬНЕГО СЛЕДОВАНИЯ'). It would be handy if you write the name of the city you want to go, approximate time and date in advance as it's not easy  to find an English-speaking person. Remember to bring your passport as your passport details will be printed on the ticket.

Below is the image of the train ticket with some comments on what information is written on it.

The ticket gives you the following details:
1. The train number
2. Departure date and time
3. Number of your carriage
4. Departure station
5. Number of your seat or bed
6. Destination station.
7.Your passport number
8.Your name written in Russian
9. Arrival date and time

Your Moscow guide will be happy to tell you more about how to use the Russian rail system. Our driver or guide can also accompany you to the train station if you wish.

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