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Carsharing in Moscow

There is a new trend nowadays to use carsharing to get around Moscow and/from the airport. You can use the following carsharing services: 
YouDriveDelimobilBelkaCar,  and Car5. To do so, you will need to register on the service's app and provide details from your passport and driver's license.

Carsharing in Moscow
Carsharing in Moscow
Carsharing in Moscow is a rapidly developing type of public transport. In January 2020, Moscow had the largest fleet of carsharing vehicles in the world, which counted more than 30,000 cars. The largest carsharing operator in Moscow is Yandex.Drive however, it is not available for foreign tourists. The second-largest operator is DeliMobil.

How much does it cost?

The rental price depends on the chosen operator, the car class, traffic congestion, demand for carsharing cars, and ranges from 3 to 20 rubles per minute. When you leave the car to wait for you at the parking lot, you'll need to pay around 2 rubles per minute.

The advantage of car sharing is that you do not need to spend money on parking, gasoline, insurance, car wash, and maintenance.

How to use?

To rent a car, you need to register in the operator's mobile application. During the registration process, you need to attach photos of your passport and driver's license and then sign an agreement (by joining the operator's conditions in the application). The verification process can take several days.

You can book an available car in the app. Once the vehicle is reserved, you have some free booking time - 20 minutes on average - to get to the place. After the waiting time expires, you'll need to pay the waiting rate, ranging from 2 to 5 rubles per minute. The car opens through the app. All the necessary documents and the ignition key are inside the vehicle.

After a quick check for damage, you can start renting.

How far to go?

In most cases, you can move around the city, get to Moscow airports, and drive around the Moscow countryside.
YouDrive vehicles can drive 250 km outside the Moscow Ring Road. But there are only a few locations outside of Moscow where it is allowed to complete the lease.

Where to leave your car?

The rules are a bit different in each company.
DeliMobil allows you to complete the lease in a kilometer from metro stations in Moscow, in the parking lots of the shopping center, at the airports.
YouDrive The completion zone in this service changes over time. From 08:00 Mon to 20:00 Fri, the car can be parked within the Third Ring Road and next to the metro  Vodny Stadion, Molodezhnaya, Kuzminki, Anino, Domodedovskaya, Yuga-Zapadnaya, Novogireevo. On weekends, the zone expands to the Moscow Ring Road.
For more detailed information you'll need to check the details on the car-sharing applications.

When to use?

Please note that Moscow traffic is very busy and it takes time to get used to it. We would not recommend you using car-sharing in cases when you are in a hurry. So far it is also not the best transport for tours of Moscow. However, it might be a good solution for people willing to   take a day trip outside of Moscow. 


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