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Willing to get a 1000 RUB discount on guide services?
We offer you a quiz to solve. Get a secret password and tell it to our manager before booking your Moscow private tour.
Firstly you need to find answers to five questions below. We believe that links to pages on our website may help you. Then you need to take the 3d letter of each word and compose a new word. Use check button to make sure you’ve got the correct answer.
It is not a stone but it's used in jewelry. It usually comes from Kaliningrad region.
You can find the answer here
What fish wearing a fur coat is very popular among Russians?
Check the Russian cuisine page
What is the name of the Russian tsar who gave order to costruct St Basil's cathedral?
Read about St Basil's cathedral to find the answer.
What is the name of the cemetery where Khrushev is buried?  
It is one of Moscow highlights
Where do the Russians place empty bottles after drinking?
The answer can be found here
Now you need to take the third letter from each word and compose a word using these letters.

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