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Eliseevsky grocery store

This mansion, located in the historic center of Moscow on Tverskaya street, attracts visitors not only with its delicacies but also with its exquisite interiors and unique decoration. Entering this grocery store you feel like a guest at a reception in a rich, late 19th century palace.

Interior of Eliseevsky grocery store
Interior of Eliseevsky grocery store
The mansion was bought by Grigory Eliseev, a tradesman of wine and colonial produce. The house was covered with scaffolding while being reconstructed. Some nimble people managed to peep at the building works and spread rumors of the construction of an Indian pagoda or a Moorish castle. But their surprise exceeded speculation when they saw "the temple of gluttony". "Eliseevsky" was opened solemnly with a church service and with priests who were invited specially for that ceremony. It definitely stoked the imagination of its customers. They saw lavishly decorated interiors with huge crystal chandeliers, reminiscent of bunches of grapes; aisles heaped with exotic fruits: pyramids of coconuts and bunches of tropical bananas. Multi-colored creatures of the sea became inhabitants of huge glass vessels. To crown it all there were numerous rows of glittering wine bottles reflecting in mirrors and windows. Customers just got lost in its abundance. Extremely polite sales people hurried to help their customers to make the best choice. Well-trained sales assistants could recognize their "visitors" not only by their face and their names but also by their preferences and taste. Noble men and women responded them in kind; everybody could find something to satisfy their exquisite taste. Women crowded at the aisles with fruits and chocolates while men were thoroughly examining several-years-old wine bottles brought from Europe.

After the revolution of 1917 the store was nationalized and continued to work under the name "Gastronom №1". However the Muscovites called it "Eliseevsky" paying tribute to its founder whose portrait continued to decorate the wall of the main sales area. 

Nothing has changed since those days. It is still a grocery store, owned by a trading network "Alye Parusa". It still impresses its customers and visitors with its astonishing interiors and abundant decoration. 

Walking along Tverskaya Street, do not miss the chance to visit the Eliseevsky store with your Moscow tour guide or by yourself.

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