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Grand Kremlin palace

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The Grand Kremlin Palace is the Official Residence of the President of the Russian Federation which is not open to the general public.

Built-in the 19th century to unite all the separate buildings of the tsar’s court, nowadays it hosts ceremonial state events which include official meetings and conferences with foreign dignitaries as well as inauguration ceremonies. During the tour, there will be a unique chance to visit the famous ceremonial halls of St. George. St. Andrew, St. Vladimir and St. Aleksandr as well as see the hidden gems Terem Palace and Faceted Chamber, which is one of the oldest secular buildings in Moscow.
Please note that the Grand Kremlin Palace is not a museum but the Residence of the Russian President, so some halls can be closed for visitors without warning. In this case, other rooms will be shown as a substitution. 

Grand Kremlin Places Tour info

Tour duration:  about 2 hours
Tour available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Private Tour cost:  90 000 RUB per group of 1-19 pax. If you are interested to join a group tour take a look at our Upcoming group tour page as we do arrange group tours once in a month

Important notes:

  • The tour has to be booked in advance, preferably not earlier than one month before the date of the tour
  • The day/time of the tour is subject to change in case of unexpected official events and alternative date/time is suggested. 
  • Photography is allowed in many of the halls however there are some rooms where it is not permitted to use your camera. All you need to do is to listen to the instructions of your guide.
  • The passport will be needed on the day of the tour for the security check. If you come late on the day of the tour or without a passport, you will not be able to attend the tour while the tour cost is not refunded.
  • Grand Kremlin Palace is located on the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin. After the tour, you may stay in the Kremlin a little longer to enjoy its picturesque grounds. However, if you wish to go inside any of the cathedrals you'll need to have tickets booked in advance.

In addition to The Grand Kremlin Palace visit, we recommend you booking the Moscow Kremlin tour that is a must for every visitor of Moscow.

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