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Husky and reindeer park. 1 day trip

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* Transfer from Murmansk to Lovozero (180 km one-way).
We are heading to Lesnaya Elan, which is the most famous northern Saami village, where low-numbered peoples of the North live. It is a settlement which still follows old traditions and rules tightly binded to the nature and wildlife.

*Husky Safari.
Ever wanted to ride a dog sledge? Hold tight! You will be riding 2 person at a time across the forest at a high speed (1.5 km).

*Reindeer Sledge.
If you are not fond of dogs, then you can surely trust a reindeer. You will be riding 3-4 person at a time around a lake (800 m).

*Saami Settlement.
Learn how Saami lived here long before Murmansk was founded and open up your mind to living in conditions of cold and aggressive northern nature. 

You will have lunch during your stay at Lesnaya Elan. 

The lunch menu includes:

Scandinavian fish cream soup
Reindeer or pork and rice as a main course
Northern berries pie and Arctic herbal tea

*Next is Lovozero - Murmansk transfer (180 km one-way).
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