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Izmaylovo souvenir's market

Izmaylovo Market - also known as Vernisage in Izmaylovo - is considered to be the largest collection of artisans and stallholders in Moscow, where items of decorative and applied art, fine art and folk handicrafts can be found. This complex has existed for more than ten years, and is located in a picturesque and historically unique area of Moscow: Izmaylovo. Nowadays it has become a place where craftsmen and artists can boast of their skills by selling their products.
Almost all traditional Russian craft centers and regions are represented here, among them Khokhoma, Gzhel, Fedoskino, Pavlov Posad (famous for shawls) and many others. The Izmaylovo market is located just a few minutes walk from Partizanskaya metro station. It is surrounded by a mock wooden fortress and decorated with various statues of figures from Russian folklore and myth. While browsing around the trading stalls you can also watch street performers and entertaining sideshows.

What can you expect there? The famous painted wooden nesting dolls (matryoshka), amber jewelry, and Soviet memorabilia, as well as some interesting pre-war cameras and binoculars, traditional Russian handicrafts and an impressive selection of original paintings.
Izmaylovo market is an ideal place to buy a gift for your family and friends. Going there needs two simple rules: feel free to haggle, and don't bring more money than you're willing to spend! Good luck!


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