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Kosher restaurants

There are a lot of restaurants offering kosher food that has appeared in Moscow over the past ten years. In fact, not every restaurant has the right to be called truly kosher. Strict rules go far beyond eating certain types of meat and seafood. For example, the same dishes cannot be used to prepare dairy and meat dishes. The same restrictions apply to cutlery.
On Shabbat (Saturday celebration, a must for any Jewish believer) it is quite possible to purchased already cooked food. At the same time, Shabbat is a time for having rest with your family. So it is not accepted go to the restaurant on Shabbat. A real kosher restaurant, of course, will not work on Saturdays. Keep this in mind when choosing a place to eat.
No matter if you are a Jew and eat only Kosher food, or you just like to taste something different and try traditional Jewish food, you can find a few very nice places in Moscow that offer Kosher food. Where to look for the best forshmak in the city and the most delicate hummus that is served on pita, and why should you replace regular fried eggs with shakshuka? 
We have chosen five truly kosher restaurants, where you will find the answers to these questions and where kosher rules are followed as strictly as a Jewish mother watches her brood of noisy, beautiful children.

1. Jaffa

Do not be surprised if the Israeli say that they live in Tel Aviv, and then lowering their eyes admit that they actually live in Jaffa. In the 50s of the last century, Jaffa, one of the oldest ports in Israel, was merged with Tel Aviv. As a result, not all locals can indicate the border where old Jaffa ends and new urban areas begin. The eponymous Moscow restaurant, located in the Afimall City shopping center, focuses on modern dishes, mainly Asian cuisine, but with the obligatory observance of all the rules kosher. As a gift to your home, you can grab a jar of fragrant homemade jam.
Address:  Presnenskaya Emb., 2  5th Floor, Moscow 123317, Russia
Working hours: Sun-Thu (10:00 - 00:00), Fri (11:00 -16:00), Sat (closed)

2. Jerusalem

The most unusual and the oldest kosher restaurant in Moscow. Firstly, it is located on the roof of the synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya, where you can enjoy a good view of the Moscow rooftops, and secondly, it is a restaurant where mountain Jews traditionally gather, which, in turn, provides a warm friendly atmosphere. It is better to book a table in advance, because there is not much space in ​​the restaurant. 
Address:  Bolshaya Bronnaya Street 6/3 
Working hours: 11:00 - 00:00

3. Alef cafe

Alef Kosher Cafe is located at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. The interior is decorated in a classic European style, but the dishes are quite traditional and kosher. The collection of Israeli dishes is constantly updated. Near the bookstore you can always find something new, which is published in very small runs. We recommend you to take away handmade sweets (they are wrapped in eco-packaging with company symbols). You should definetely try a milk breakfast, thick home-style hummus and burgers. Sweets can be taken away. 
Address: Obraztsova St., 11, build. 1A
Working hours: Sun – Thu (12:00 — 22:00), Fri (10:00 — 15:00)
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