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Kremlin and the Seven Babushkas /Moscow courtyards and backstreets

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This is a signiture tour, offered by our guide Alexis Chernorechensky. Please confirm his availability before booking.

There is a city somewhere amidst bears and snow. And the city's name is Moscow. And there are famous landmarks here and there. And there are babushkas hiding on the unknown paths between these landmarks.

Filipp Kubarev. A courtyard on Ordynka
Filipp Kubarev. A courtyard on Ordynka

We normally see nothing except iconic buildings, but the most interesting is to get what others normally don't.

Have you ever walked from the Kremlin to Arbat taking winding sidelane paths, through backstreets and backyards often inaccessible to eyes?

During this walk we will see the most famous buildings and hear stories about them: Seven Sisters, Bolshoi, University, but with a huge extra bonus: we will stick our nose into Moscow's hidden life.

Tour lasts 2-4 hours

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