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Moscow is a vast spread out city. It's not so easy to get around this huge metropolis.  Where is it most convenient to stay?
1. If you come to Moscow for a short time it's better to find a hotel or an apartment in the historic center. It'll make it easier to explore the city on your own without your Moscow tour guide. You can walk to Red Square at night and watch its beautiful illumination, go shopping to Gum or stroll around Arbat Street.
2. It's very helpful if your hotel is close to the metro. For example a popular 3-star Izmailovo hotel complex is far from the downtown but there's a metro station nearby.  It might take you more than an hour driving to Red Square but only 15-20 min to go by metro.
3. Some areas outside the downtown can also be interesting to the visitors of Moscow. If you stay in Cosmos hotel (a huge hotel in the North-West of Moscow) you'll find a Space museum and a beautiful Soviet theme-park nearby. The guests of Izmailovo hotel complex (North-East of Moscow) can go to explore a popular souvenir market, which offers the best choice of Russian gifts in the city. A nice area is near Moscow State University. You can walk around the University park, or watch the city panoramic view from the nearby Sparrow Hills.
4. Moscow has hotels next to major business centers and airports. Near the Sheremetevo airport are the 3-star Sheremetievo-2 and the 4-star Novotel Sheremetievo-2. Near the airport Domodedovo is the 4-star Aerotel Domodedovo.

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