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Moscow can also offer a range of mini-hotels most of which are situated in the central part of Moscow. They can boast of individual planning and interior. Since most of them appeared in post Soviet period they are equipped with everything required by a modern man. If you are looking for personal treatment, service and family atmosphere mini-hotels are the best choice.

Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip our Moscow tour guide can provide you a sightseeing tour of the capital or arrange any other type of Moscow tour.

Name Location
Map Size
In the historic center of Moscow, 10 min from Red Square /
5 min from metro Teatralnaya
23 rooms
Not in the center/
10 min from metro Dinamo/m. Dmitrovskaya
30 rooms
In the historic center/
10 min from metro Sukharevskaya
12 rooms
Ark20 min from the city center by metro/
5 min. from metro Yugo-Zapadnaya
30 rooms
Sultanin the historic center/
5 min from metro Mayakovskaya
6 rooms
Sretenskaya In the historic center/
8 min from m . Sukharevskaya
36 rooms
Located in the historical center, 5 min from m.Tverskaya

26 rooms
BulgakovIn the historic center of Moscow, in Old Arbat area

14 rooms
Artel5 min from Red Square

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