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Moscow bar hopping tour

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Moscow never sleeps. Don’t you believe it? Then spend one night out with us!
During the tour you will learn what drinks are popular in the Russian capital, what bars set the trends, where the best cocktails are made, where the centres of Moscow nightlife are, and where the locals flow when they wanna go bananas!
Per one night, you will visit 4 Moscow unforgettable bars. The first bar will give you a chance to try famous traditional Russian Nalivka (local homemade berry liqueur). If Moscow ever set any trends in the global alcohol-drinking culture, Nalivka is exactly what Moscow is to thank for! Nowadays it is traditional Moscow style – almost every bar has its own unique recipe.
The second place can boast the fashionable local fancy people and signature cocktails. The bartenders here like to experiment, and are always out to surprise you with something new.
After that you will get to one of the secret Moscow bars, so-called “speak-easy bar”, the existence of which is kept hidden from even the locals. These bars are so well tucked away inside Moscow’s nooks and crannies that one might be standing in front of it and still be unaware of its existence.
Finally, to wind down the night, we’ll hit up a spot famous for its bohemian vibes. These sorts of establishments are often frequented by the local writers, actors, poets and the like. See the contrast of the local cultural elites dancing amongst the tacky interiors of an old Soviet flat. Here it’s always noisy, fun, and welcoming…so why not join us?  

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