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The chemistry of love

07.02.2015 – 12.04.2015
This spring the State Darwin Museum reveals the mystery of the most enchanting state of a man – being in love. The exhibition called “The chemistry of love” will certainly appeal to the ingenuous romantics as well as to pragmatics trusting the scientific facts. Visitors of this event will get acquainted with the molecular formula of love, meet the primeval Juliette, see the legendary Spanish fly (one of the strongest aphrodisiacs) and learn more about the traditions of courting and choosing a partner in the animal kingdom.

Modern anthropologists assume that the real age of love is about 2,5 million years! Those who come to “The chemistry of love” exhibit will have a unique opportunity to trace the birth of this feeling.The exhibition shows the evolution in relationships between a man and a woman  and tells the visitors a lot of curious facts about the first monogamous couples. An interesting interactive exhibit called “Keep the order” challenges to find the first lovers in the chain of primeval men.
The outstanding neurobiologists will give the visitors of “The chemistry of love” the idea about the main hormones that change human's behavior while they are in love. For example, dopamine makes people look for the partner, noradrenaline takes away their appetite and endorphins give them the magic feeling of happiness. Thanks to the illustration of Irina Semenyuk adults will be able to understand the process of falling in love. Children, in their turn, will enjoy the molecular constructor and a puzzle called “Why do I need this molecular?”
Why not visit this exhibition during your Moscow tour and learn more about the products and smells that help to fall in love. Those who are just looking for their other half should visit the section called “How do we choose?”  Don't miss a chance to take part in the popular vote “For whom do we smell?” We hope you will have a lovely time!

Moscow Current Events

31.10.2018 — 20.01.2019
East: Another Beauty Exhibition

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the State Museum of the Oriental Art. The State Museum of the Oriental Art is the only cultural center in Russia specializing in the storage, study and popularization of the eastern peoples' culture and art.

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Событие проверка. Удалить


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Moscow in miniature

Would you like to see the central part of the largest city model that will enter the Guinness Book of World Records? You have an excellent chance to do it till the end of 2015 in All-Russia Exhibition Centre VDNKh. We belive that an architecture model of Moscow (Moscow in miniature) performed at a scale of 1:400 is really worth seeing.

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Russian Impressionism Museum

Art-buffs are welcome to visit the Russian Impressionism Museum, which opened its doors in Moscow on the 28th of May. The exhibition hall is located on the grounds of the former “Bolshevik” confectionery factory grounds.

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Robostation in VDNH

If you are interested in everything connected with robots you should certainly attend one of the most curious interactive museum called Robostation, situated in All-Russia Exhibition Centre VDNH. Here visitors of all ages have a great chance to get acquainted with modern robots, take part in different activities, enjoy technopark, chemistry show and show of dancing robots.

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Archive Of Moscow Events:

13.10.2018 — 14.10.2018
Moscow is behind us 1941. The military-historical festival

Did you know that Borodino Field was not only the location of the Battle of Borodino during Napoleoinic Wars but also the place of a severe clash between the Soviet and German forces in 1941? Join the festival of military reconstruction where the events of the WW II will come to life.

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21.09.2018 — 25.09.2018
Moscow International Festival 'Сircle of Light' 2018

Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light" is an annual event where light designers and experts in the field of audiovisual art from all over the world transform the architectural appearance of the Russian capital. For a few autumn days, Moscow will once again become a center of colorful large-scale video projections, fantastic multimedia shows with light, fire, lasers and fireworks. The entrance to all the festival venues is free.

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24.08.2018 — 02.09.2018
Spasskaya Tower festival 2018

International Military Music Festival "Spasskaya Tower" is an annual tremendous show in the heart of Russia - on Red Square. A breathtaking musical and theatrical performance combines different musical styles, parade defile of military orchestras, dance and show performances, unique light and pyrotechnic shows

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10.08.2018 — 22.08.2018
Times and Epochs 2018

The annual festival "Times and Epochs" will be held in the capital from 10 to 22 August. Its main sites will be located on Tverskaya Square, Nikitsky, Passion and Tver Boulevards, in Kamergersky Lane and on Profsoyuznaya Street.

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20.07.2018 — 05.08.2018
Inspiration Interrnational arts festival

From July 20 to August 5, 2018 VDNKh for the fourth time will host Inspiration Interrnational arts festival. Each year its program is dedicated to one genre or one important topic of art from recognized classics to amazing experiments. This year the theme of the festival is theater.

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19.05.2018 — 20.05.2018
Mousem Night 2018

On the night from Saturday to Sunday 19 and 20 May the museums of Moscow will be open from six in the evening until midnight, and in some museums guests will be allowed to stay until the morning.

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