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  Kingdom of Ice

This year makes us happy with truly winter weather. To a number of winter activities (skating, skiing, snowboarding, sleighing etc.) we can enjoy, one more was added. It is so called Ice Kingdom which everyone can witness in the museum of Ice. It was opened this year in Sokolniki park, pavilion № 11 and is planned to work all year round.

Its visitors will be able to have a journey to the kingdom of ice and snow fantasies in any season. To preserve this exposition in good condition the organizers of this museum maintain a certain temperature which does not exceed – 10. For that reason all visitors are given down-padded coats to stay warm and enjoy real masterpieces. Here you can see mythological creatures such as winged horse Pegas and jelly fish Gorgona, a threatening guard in armour, a dinosaur's skeleton. A part of this exhibition is dedicated to alien creatures from different planets and galaxies. One can also enjoy a huge ice living room where you can lie on the transparent bed, sit at the dining table and look at the ice mirror. The authors of this project did not avoid the Christmas theme. They made the Biblical scene of Nativity with Maria, Josef, baby Jesus and divine angel. 

Despite all the beauty of natural material, it would be hard to create this fairy kingdom without special lighting which definitely reinforces your impression while music accompaniment creates pleasant atmosphere.


For those who are not accustomed to be just watchers, the museum offers a workshop during which you are explained how to work with so fragile material as ice. Armed with such tools as a chainsaw, chisels and an iron you can embody your fantasies into ice. Under the guidance of an experienced ice sculptor you make a real ice sculpture with your own hands.

I was lucky to be guided around this exhibition and participate in this workshop. With a help of our distinguished mentor, repeated world champion in sand and ice sculptor me and my friend created our first ice sculpture, mischievous squirrel.

You can also see the official web-site (only in Russian) of this museum to learn more about workshops and exhibition.

Your Moscow tour guide will be glad to accompany you to this exhibition  and be your interpreter during the workshop.

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