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Moscow Hostels


Moscow can not boast a wide range of budget hotels. However, year by year more and more hostels appear on Moscow map. This tendency exists and it broadens the opportunities of those who travel on tight budget. Moscow hostels are a good option for those who come to the capital with a group. It tremendously reduces your expenses on dwelling.


Among the most popular hostels are the Napoleon Hostel and the Moscow Home-hostel. However there are some other ones which can be quite competitive in price.


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Name Location Map
Napoleon Hostel 5 min walk from Red Square
Moscow Home-hostel 7 min from Park Kultury (circle line)
Godzillas Hostel 5 min from m.Tsvenoy Bulvar/ 10 m. from m. Tverskaya / Pushkinskaya
Hostel Oasis 3 min from m.Chekhovskaya, 15 min from Red Square
Rainbow Hostel 5 min walk from m.Kitay Gorod/m. Luyanka
Capital Hostel 15 minutes away from  Red Square
Hostel Chocolate 5 min from  from m. Tverskaya / Pushkinskaya
HM Hostel Moscow 3 min from m. Arbatskaya, 7 min from the Kremlin
Day'n'Night Hostel 5 min walk from m.Kitay Gorod/m. Luyanka
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