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The Circus

If you happened to be in Moscow with your family, the best idea to spend your time is to go to one of Moscow circuses. Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard is the oldest one in Moscow. It bears the name of a renowned Russian clown Nikulin. In front of the building you will definitely notice a remarkable statue. You will not miss it as children and adults always crowd willing to take a few pics. 

This circus does not only welcome innovations but also cherishes old traditions. For example, the live orchestra accompanies all the performances. Moscow Circus on Prospect Vernadskogo is the biggest stationary circus in the world. It has 5 arenas (equestrian, water, illusionist, ice rink, and light-effect) located 18 meters below the floor which can be swapped during the performance. All these innovations make the performance more spectacular and captivating. The visit to this circus is always a holiday.

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