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Moscow Kremlin Tour

The tour of Moscow Kremlin
The tour of Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin with its golden-domed cathedrals and ancient palaces will be the highlight of your trip to Moscow. A private guided tour will give you an insight into eight hundred years of Russian history and culture. 

Tour covers

  • The Kremlin of Moscow guided tour lasts 1,5 - 2 hours.
    An ancient city and citadel, the former residence of Russian tsars and Soviet rulers.
  • Armory chamber visit lasts 1,5 hours.
    A unique Royal treasury-museum.

  Kremlin Tour Highlights

  • You'll see ancient Cathedral Square, famous for its three unique cathedrals built in the 15th-16th century.
  • Assumption Cathedral of Moscow Kremlin is believed to be the oldest preserved building in Moscow. All Russian tsars and emperors were crowned in this cathedral in the past.
  • Archangel's cathedral was once a burial place of Rusian princes and tsars. You'll see 46 tombs of the first rulers of the country.  It is here where Ivan the Terrible, his sons, as well as the first Romanov Tsars were buried.
  • Unique Icons and Frescoes are the highlights of your Kremlin cathedrals visit. You'll be amazed to see well-preserved interiors of the past as well as a number of oldest icons. Why did Russian churches have small windows? What is the significance of gold? What did medieval people think of the future? Your tour will give you some clues to medieval mentality and culture.
  • Tsar Cannon weighing 40 tons is the largest artillery piece ever made. It was cast in the late 16th century.
  • Tsar Bell weighing 200 tons is another curiosity of Moscow Kremlin. The Tsar Bell has never rung; it was broken during its casting. How could it happen?
  • Russian president's offices are located on the premises of the former Kremlin Senate. During the Soviet times, Lenin and later Stalin had their study rooms and apartments in this building. Today the President doesn't live in the Kremlin but the area around the administration offices is highly secured and can be seen from outside only. 
  • Taynitsky Garden is a picturesque park within the Kremlin walls. While walking around you'll  take in gorgeous views of the Cathedral Square and Moscow River, find an oak tree planted by Yuri Gagarin and take a look at a helipad constructed for the use of Vladimir Putin
Moscow Kremlin. Tsar cannon
Moscow Kremlin. Tsar cannon

Armoury Visit Highlights

  • Faberge Easter Eggs collection is one of the gems of the Armory museum tour. You’ll find 10 eggs with surprises inside. Among very unusual ones is an egg with a model of a Trans-Siberian train, an egg with the model or the Kremlin as well as a clock egg topped by a bouquet of white lilies.
  • Royal crowns as well as other symbols of power include Monomakh’s Cap, which was the main coronation cap for over 200 years. You’ll discover many other jewel-studded crowns of Ivan the Terrible and Romanov Tsars that will surprise you with a glittering abundance of rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds.
  • The thrones of the Russian Tsars include the oldest one dating to the late 16th century, the diamond throne of Tsar Alexis (decorated with over 900 diamonds), and the double silver throne of half-brothers Ivan and young Peter (later Peter the Great).
  • Coronation dresses will truly be a surprise. How could Catherine the Great survive wearing a 47cm waist-span wedding dress? What is the heaviest dress and how much does it weigh? You’ll learn the most intriguing facts about Russian tsars during the Armoury tour.
  • A collection of royal carriages is the second largest in the world. The oldest one was made in the late 16th century. You'll find unique carriages decorated with paintings, adorned with gems, upholstered with precious fabrics. 
  • Armour, weapons from Russia, Europe, as well as Eastern Empires give you another reason to visit this unique museum. Don’t miss the chain mail of Boris Godunov, lavishly decorated Russian firearms, and luxurious Iranian shield.
Catherine the Great's coronation robe
Catherine the Great's coronation robe

Kremlin visit  notes

  • We book Kremlin and Armory tickets in advance so you won’t have to wait at the ticket office. However, no one can skip the line to pass through a security check before entering the Kremlin. 
  • The tour doesn’t include a visit to the Diamond Fund, but we can add it upon request.
  • The tour doesn’t include the Grand Kremlin Palace, which is the Official Residence of the President and is not open to the general public. A private exclusive tour is possible but it is rather costly and has to be booked a long time in advance.
  • During the Moscow Kremlin tour, It is allowed to take pictures only outside. Photography inside churches and museums is not permitted.
  • Kremlin territory is accessible for wheelchair users while the Armoury museum is not. If you have difficulty in climbing steps it might be better to avoid  Armoury as this museum has no elevator.

    The view on Kremlin cathedrals
    The view on Kremlin cathedrals

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    Tour info
    • Tour available: every day except Thursday
    • Activity level: moderate
    • Transportation: walking/metro
    • Duration 4 hours
    • Private guide (4 hours)
    • Kremlin and Armoury admissions
    • Hotel pick-up and drop-off