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Tretyakov gallery. The mystery of old paintings.

Dear friends,
 We invite you to  get acquainted with Russian art in a more interactive way.The quest starts with the short tour of the biggest gallery of the Russian art - the Tretyakov gallery and then it is followed by some  puzzles including crosswords, word  and ariphmetical riddles etc which lead to a encrypted picture. 

 During the quest-tour you will learn some interesting facts and fascinating stories. Which gallery inspired Paul Tretyakov to make his own one?  What painting  deserved a special hall ? Which painting is considered as the first fab one in the gallery?

Age groups: Kids from 7-12 year old;
Teenы - 13-15 year old;
Quest duration: 2 hours
Meeting place: At the Tretyakov Gallery
The cost of the quest:  depends on the number of kids
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