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Trip to Wild Nature. Extended trip to Lake Baikal. (Buryatia side)

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If you would like to explore the  hidden gems of Baikal lake, enjoy wild nature and serenity of life, then consider going to National parks for a week. This tour is designed for those who do have time and  who are not in a rush.
Day 1

Arrival in Ulan- Ude airport or train station.
Breakfast in the city
Sightseeing tour of Ulan- Ude to see the biggest head sculpture of Lenin,  walk along the pedestrian Lenin street, visit modern Rinpoche Posha datsan from where you can enjoy the view of the city. ( 2 hours)
Possible tour extension: tour of Ivolginsky datsan
Transfer to Ust- Barguzin with multiple stops on the way to enjoy Buryat scenery, visit the oldest Baturinskiy convent, stretch your legs in Turka village, walk along  its embankment to see the Lighthouse and have lunch.
 Arrival in Ust- Barguzin.
 Free time and dinner.
 Overnight stay in a guest-house.

Day 2
Breakfast at the guest-house or hotel
Transfer by UAZ car  to Monakhovo cordon where  the visit- center is located. Short introduction to Zabaikalskiy National Park, and Barguzinsky Nature Reserve.
Boarding the speed boat and have a 3 hour private trip to picturesque Davsha village along the shoreline.
 Lunch in Davsha.
Davsha is a tiny village (4-7 people are living there year round) located in Barguzinsky Nature Reserve, the first State reserve in Russia founded in 1916 to preserve and increase the numbers  of sable. It is also inhabited by elks, musk deer, brown bears, black-capped marmots and other animals while rivers are rich in omuls, sigs, sturgeons, glaylings etc.
This is definitely the place where you can enjoy  wild nature.
Tour of the Museum of Nature or the Museum of Sable (of your choice)
Take 1 hour walk along the trail (3 km) It is  a circle trail which leads you to the woods as well as along the shoreline and brings you back to the village. You will be accompanied with a National Park ranger who will tell you more about the flora and fauna of this place.
A longer trail of 16 km ( about 8 hours) is available upon request.
Night in a Guest-house in Davsha
Banya (Traditional Russian steam bath) can be arranged upon request.

 Day 3
Breakfast at the guest-house
Boarding the speed-boat to go to Khakusy (about 3 hours) to the northern part of Baikal. You will go through that part which is known as the Big Sea.
 Checking in a guest-house in Khakusy.
It is time to enjoy the Thermal springs complex "Khakussy" located in the coniferous forest. You could enjoy taking bathes in hot water (+42…+46 °С) either in open air swimming pools (lidos) or in the building.
 Free time
 Staying overnight in Khakussy

 Day 4
Breakfast at the guest-house
Transfer to AYAYA bay. This narrow gorgeous bay is great place for photo buffs. The bay “AYAYA” from the Evenki language is translated as  “gorgeous”. The bay goes into the mainland for 4 km making a quiet  harbor for boats.   Ayaya bay is alos one of the few places where you can see fresh water seals  sunbathing on one of the rocks 20 meters from the shore.  Yellow san beaches, warm water and splendid views makes this harbor a perfect place to have a swim. It is also the starting point of the eco trail which leads to Frolikha lake. This territory belongs to Frolikha Reserve.
Take Trail to Frolikha Lake. This trail is  quite accessible to  various age groups and  abilities. Located 6 from the shore of Baikal at the bottom of the Barguzin ridge surrounded with taiga forests the lake is one of the biggest in Baikal area, 80 m deep.    Unique red fish known as arctic char lives in the waters of the lake.

Lunch prepared  on the bonfire
Catamaran excursion to the waterfall
Getting back along the trail to the bay AYAYA
Transfer back to Khakusy
Dinner and night in a guesthouse

Day 5
Breakfast in the guest-house
Free time
Boarding the speedboat and transfer  back to Davsha ( about 3 hours depending on weather conditions)
 Staying overnight in Davsha

Day 6
Breakfast in a guest-house
Boarding the speed boat to  visit Ushkanie islands where you  will see  endemic seals of Baikal known as nerpa.   You will learn a lot of fascinating facts about these cute animals. For example, one fresh water seal eats 3-4 kg per day which equals to  1 ton per year.  It sounds impressive, does not it! These cute animals will not leave you indifferent for sure! It is very interesting to observe them.
Lunch on the boat.
Transfer to Zmeevaya Bay to  see thermal springs and take a bath if you wish. The water of the spring runs both on  and under the  ground and it is rich in hydrogen sulfide, fluorine and sodium. The temperature ranges from  +28ºC (+82ºF) to +34ºC (+93ºF). You can enjoy on of two wooden pools. The name Zmeiny derives from “ snake” in Russian  and it is named so because of a big population of grass snakes that used to live in the bay.
From observation point you will  have a chance to see the Chevyrkuisky Bay and numerous islands!
Transfer to fishers’ village Kurbulik. This small village is located in the National park. People living here, no more than 100, are mainly involed in fishing. You will bebe treated  with dinner which will mainly include fish dihes such as traditional fish soup -  ukha, fried fish or fish cutlets with potatos  and bliny with jam for dessert.
Enjoy dinner there and transfer to Monakhovo- Ust Barguzin to stay overnight in a guest-house or the hotel

Day 7
Ust- Barguzin-Ulan- Ude
 Possible tour extention:
Tour to Ivolginsky datsan and Old- believers village

Ivolginskiy datsan  is the center of Buddhist life in Russia. You will see the complex of buildings which make the monastery and  university and learn more about Russian Buddhists.Like Buddhist you will make the ritual goroo –  a spiritual walk around datsan, visit the main temple and smaller ones.
Old Believers village visit. After the split in the Orthodox Church in Russia the 17th centure some people continued to practice  Orthodox religion in the old way, preserving their customs and traditions. Despite being prosecuted by the state, they managed to preserve their  lifestyle and their values. Learn about the life and traditions of Old- believers in the authentic village, participate in the folk concert and be treated with a delicious traditional lunch or dinner.
Overnight in Ulan- Ude


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