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​Old apartment exhibition tour


Have you been to a communal apartment of 1920s?  Do you know how workers lived in pre-revolutionary Moscow? Are you curious to discover a typical Soviet kitchen? Join our “Old apartment’ exhibition tour and plunge into the everyday life of Muscovites of different decades of the last century.
Wandering from one room to another you take a 100 year journey through history and learn how people lived in Moscow in different times. We’ll see different rooms with carefully reproduced atmosphere of each epoch, and discover lots of everyday objects of the past: cloths, toys, musical instruments, household appliances of those years, furniture and much more.
Our guide will not only show you various rooms and interiors but also talk about Russian culture and history. The tour is aimed at giving you an insight into Russian history through the eyes and private life of ordinary people.

Tour duration: Around 2 hours
Tour cost:  1300 RUB
Meeting time: 10.45 am

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