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Bulgakov's Moscow Tour


Mikhail Bulgakov is the big name in Russian literature of the XX century. All over the world he is known for his brilliant novel the Master and Margarita. 

It's here, in Moscow, that he spent the most of his career. Thus, we invite you to learn more about his life, passions, the prototypes for his heroes, his relations with the authorities and the other artists, and, of course, where the events from his novels took place in the city. Do you know where Bulgakov's address in Moscow is? Are you curious to learn the details of his three marriages? At the beginning of his artistic life he was told that for being a good writer he must change women once in a while, that he must get married three times!

Started out as a doctor in Ukraine and at the front of World War I, he finally came to the new capital of the new powerful state, that is the USSR, to make his dream true. He had been writing from the young age, and his debut (The White Guard novel) was taken positively with a great astonishment, both by critics and readers. There is not much writers having appeared such bright on the literature scene as young Bulgakov. The most of his later books were prohibited including his main work (The Master and Margarita) he had been writing and correcting until his demise. All of them came out uncensored only in 1980s.
Let's make Bulgakov alive! His life was uneasy and adventurous. Yet our city adventure will be easy and informative.

Tour duration: about 1,5 hour
Tour cost: 1500 RUB per person
Meeting time: 11 am
Meeting point: TBA
Guide: Ivan Mosin

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