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Nortern lights Hunt & Snomobile adventure. March 6-8


06.03.2021 – 08.03.2021
Head out to the remote location on the Kola Peninsula to admire the Northern Lights and have fun riding a snowmobile!

Nortern Lights on Lovozero Lake
Nortern Lights on Lovozero Lake

The tour highlights:
  • Stay 2 nights at the remote shore of Lovozero lake and admire the gorgeous landscape
  • Watch the symphony of light under the Northern Sky
  • Meet and feed  northern reindeers and learn the most incredible stories about them
  • Play with a husky and practice dog-sledding
  • Ride a snowmobile to reach mysterious Seydozero lake
  • Try winter fishing

    Snomobile Rides across Lake Lovozero
    Snomobile Rides across Lake Lovozero

Day 1 From Murmansk to Lovozero

Upon arrival at Murmansk airport, you'll meet your guide and driver.
Transfer to Lovozero village. (2,5-hour drive).

Upon arrival at Lovorezo village, you’ll be dressed up for proper clothing for your snowmobile adventure. Full equipment will be provided.

40-min snowmobile ride to reach a remote guest-house on the lake. The place offers amazing conditions for observing the Northern Lights.

After a home-made lunch, take your time to walk on the premises and enjoy the incredible landscape of the lake.  

Lovozero Lake
Lovozero Lake

After dinner, we’ll proceed with an evening snowmobile hunt for Northern Lights. You’ll have a choice between riding your own snowmobile and sitting on a sleigh pulled by an instructor. Enjoy the silence of the starry arctic night and have fun riding the snowmobile through the whirls of snow. On favorable weather conditions, we’ll find the best spots for observing Aurora Borealis.

Northern Lights on Lovozero lake
Northern Lights on Lovozero lake

Day 2. Mysterious Seizdozero lake

This day offers you wonderful opportunities to enjoy the enchanting winter landscape, try ice fishing, and experience a 5-6 hour snowmobile ride to Seizdozero lake.

Experience ice fishing in the morning to catch perch, grayling, or other typical Lovozero fish.

Snomobile Trip to Seydozero Lake
Snomobile Trip to Seydozero Lake
The most memorable part of the day will be the snowmobile tour to Seidozero, which is a sacred place for the locals. Sami people believe that the ancient Hyperborean civilization was located here in the past and that you can still sense the presence of spirits.

You’ll have a circular snowmobile route to reach the legendary Kuiva rock. This is a figure of a dancing giant on the rock near the lake. Nobody knows the origin of this huge image on the rock but the locals link it with ancient legends of a cruel giant.

We’ll have a picnic on the lake to enjoy the tasty local food by the fire, sip hot tea, and enjoy the quietness of the arctic nature.

Dinner on the premises of your guesthouse
Optional banya in the evening.
Fingers crossed you'll have a starry night lit by the colorful dance of Aurora Borealis.

Northern lights at the premises of the Lovozero guest house
Northern lights at the premises of the Lovozero guest house

Day 3. Lovozero Husky park

After breakfast transfer to Lovozero lake
We are heading to the Husky park, which is the most famous northern Saami village, where low-numbered peoples of the North live. It is a settlement that still follows old traditions and rules tightly bound to nature and wildlife.

Husky Safari. Ever wanted to ride a dog sled? Hold tight! You will be riding 2 people at a time across the forest at a high speed (1.5 km).

Meet and feed the Northern Reindeer. Did you know that their noses are specially designed to warm the air before it gets to their lungs? How fast can they run? What emotions does the animal experience? Learn the most incredible stories facts about them!

Saami Settlement. Learn how Saami lived here long before Murmansk was founded and open up your mind to living in conditions of cold and aggressive northern nature.

You will have lunch with local specialties including a Scandinavian fish cream soup, Reindeer or pork and rice as a main course, Northern berries pie, and Arctic herbal tea.

After the visit to the park, your driver will transfer you back to the airport.

Tour cost:
44000 rub per person

2 nights accommodation with breakfast, guide and driving services according to the program,  2-day snowmobile rides (1 snowmobile per 2 persons), winter fishing, Husky park tour with Northern reindeer encounter and dog-sledding, meals

Not included:
Russian Bania; single accommodation, coffee break upon arrival at Murmansk airport, dinner before the departure on the third day

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