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Ostankino TV Tower Tour


We invite you to visit the outstanding engeneering building of Moscow, Ostankino TV tower to learn some secrets of its construction and engenerring technologies as well as enjoy breath-taking views of Moscow at the 337 meter height. (Please note that we can not make the weather and guarantee great conditions for the view :) 
Designed by Nikolai Nikitin the TV tower was built in 1967 to mark the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. The architect designed the tower silhouette overnight. An upside down lily, with a firm stem and four solid petals-supports, was an inspiration for the tower. Later Nikitin increased the number of supports to ten, following the advice of the world-famous German civil engineer Fritz Leonhardt.
Are you curious to find out how deep is the basement is? Would you like to know what if the acceptable misalignment of the spire?
What does this structure look inside? What does help it to stand?
During the tour you will visit the technical level of 85 meters to learn about this engeneering mavel from inside out and later you will get by speedy elevators to the 337 meter observation deck to see breathtaking views of Moscow and maybe even see the building where you live.

Tour duration: about 2 hours 
Tour cost: 3500RUB per person
Maximum group size: 9 people 
Meeting point: TBA
Meeting time: 11.00 am
*Please sign up before 15th October
Kids under 7 y.o. are not allowed for this tour


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