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Have you been on a city tour which doesn’t feature any ‘must-see’ attractions?  Today we invite you to discover Moscow you haven’t seen before. We’ll show you a number of odd buildings, curios architectural experiments and secluded historical spots. Join our tour to learn something new about the city we live!
Did you know that the five-pointed star was the favorite shape for many constructions in Moscow of 1930s? Have you seen a house that looks like a beehive? What building in Moscow is nicknamed Golden Brains and why?
Moscow boasts numerous statues of famous people. However it’s sometimes more interesting to find places of veneration created by the locals. What Soviet writer was popular among Moscow Hippies? Who was Russian Rock star of the 80s - 90s? During the tour, we’ll talk about Russian heroes of the past and the way people paid tribute to them. 
Where to find a house of the only Russian voyager who completed The Explorers Grand Slam? Join our tour and learn more off the beaten path places of Moscow!

Tour duration: 3-4 hours
Tour cost:  2200 RUB
Meeting time: 10.30 am
Meeting place: TBA
Transportation: driving
Tour guide: Ivan Mosin
Please be aware that  to book the tour  you need to sign up in advance


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