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We offer you a thematik walking tour in the centre of Moscow, during which you will be introduced to the history of different religious confessions in Russia from the end of th 19c to present days.

Russia has always been multinational country and various religions have been co-existing in its vast territory for centuries.

Before the October revolution in 1917 the Russian church had the great influence in all spheres of life, as Orthodox Christianity had been the state religion of the Russian Empire.

Our meeting point will be the Memorisl Chaple of the Heroes of Plevna.
From there we shall see the church of St. John and the church of St. Nickholas (outside). 

Сhurch of St. Nickholas
Сhurch of St. Nickholas
Later on we shall visit the church of St. Cosmas and Damianis in Maroseika str. It represents the fate of many churches, which were closed and used for different purposes at the Sovief time. You'll get acquaintanced with its most interesting icons. 

During the tour we shall have a look at the Choral sinagogue, the principle and the oldest one in Moscow. We shall walk through its park simbolising the Holy Land. 

We shall admire the view of Lutheran cathedral of St. Peter and Paul famous with its organ concerts.

Lutheran cathedral
Lutheran cathedral
The final point of our excursion will be "invisible" Zlatoustovsky Monastery (of St.John Chrisostom), which was almost totally ruined in 1930-s, but remains alive in people's memory and prayers and services in its grounds. We shall visit a little museum founded by enthusiasts of the Heritage Centre of Zlatoustovsky Monastery, which history accounts 600 years and is connected with the family of the first Russian Navy Admiral F.M.Apraksin.

Tour cost: 1300 Rub per person
Meeting time: 11.15 am
Meeting place: TBA
Tour duration: 1,5 - 2 hours

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