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Summer VDNKh bike tour



Join our bike tour to explore the blooming VDNKh – a soviet-era Exhibition of Economic Achievements which came into existence in 1939.

This magnificent park in the north of Moscow features more than 250 Soviet-era palaces and pavilions, arches and fountains, a Vostok rocket, Soviet aircraft and Buran space shuttle. 


The area of this complex is greater than that of the Principality of Monaco; it is like a fantastic town with its own avenues, squares and gardens. VDNKh was the grandiose Soviet theme park and a showcase of the country's economic achievements. While touring the park we’ll take an imaginary trip around the whole Soviet Empire. 


Where is the bunker in VDNKh and was it ever used? Why was the park used as reconnaissance training center during the war? Where was the monument to Stalin and why was it later called "matryoshka doll" statue? Who posed for some of the sculptures of the fountain “Friendship of the Peoples”? What inspired the architect to create the fountain “Stone Flower? Join our tour and learn more secrets and legends of the place. 

During the tour we'll also ride around the territory of the Space museum as well as through Ostankino estate. 

Tour duration: about 3 hours
Tour cost: 1500 RUB per person + 500 RUB for bike rental
Meeting time: 10 am
Meeting point: TBA

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