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The wonders of Moscow metro


Every day Moscovites take Moscow metro to work, to universities, theatres, and various meeting places. They use it as a means of transportation. However, thousands of tourists go under the ground to see Moscow metro stations as pieces of art.

Let's become tourists for a coupe of hours and go under the ground to explore magnificent marble halls lit with chandeliers, glittering stained glass windows, paintings, mosaics and statues. Moscow metro keeps lots of secrets. Why do Muscovites never pass a bronze dog without rubbing its nose? What happened in Mayakovskaya station during WWII? Where is Metro II, the secret metro system constructed specially for the Soviet government?

Meeting time: 11 am
Meeting place: TBA
Tour duration: about 2 hours
Tour cost: 1000 RUB per person  (metro fare is not included)

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