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Zamoskvorechye and Bell-Ringing tour


Have you tried ringing bells before? We invite you on a Zamoskvorechye and Bell Ringing tour, where we will explore the old Moscow area, experience peaceful atmosphere of Easter in Moscow, learn the history of bell-ringing in Russia, and take part in the master class of traditional ringing the bells. 
The bell-ringing museum is located in St Nickolas church in a picturesque Moscow area of Zamoskvorechye. It is a unique district which has preserved architectural heritage of the past, and is associated with different époques. Its tiny streets hide chambers and churches of the 17th century, mansions of rich merchants and industry owners of the 19th century, the famous Tretyakov gallery, and footprints of the early Soviet period.
St Nickolas church and the museum of bells
St Nickolas church and the museum of bells
We will to stroll along the settlements of craftsmen of the 17th century, speak about their fast-paced life, try to visualize the life of successful businessmen of 19th century, and we will also touch upon the stormy period preceding the Revolution of 1917.
The church of the Resurection of our Saviour in kadashi
The church of the Resurection of our Saviour in kadashi
After the walking part, you will have a chance to learn more about bell ringing in Russia. Since bells were rarities at first, the overwhelming majority of monasteries and churches used bilos. What does a bilo looks like, how is it different from a bell, what do they have in common and where are bilos used today?
How the bell is born, and what are the secrets of its beautiful sound? Did you know that bells were treated like people, and were even given Christian names? Learn many interesting facts about bells in Russia, and practice bell-ringing!

Tour duration: about 3,5 hours
Tour cost: 1900 RUB (per adult) / 1400 RUB (per kid under 14 y.o.)
Meeting time: 11.00 am
Meeting place: TBA

Please be aware that to book the tour you need to sign up in advance!

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