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Vodka Museum Tour

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Curious to know how the most popular Russian alcoholic drink is produced? Or simply willing to taste different brands of vodka in a good company? We invite you to join our Vodka Museum tour(do not get confused with Izmailovo Kremlin vodka museum).

 During the Vodka Museum tour you will have a chance to:
  • Learn about the history of this popular Russian drink
  • Learn about  vodka production line
  • Taste several brands of vodka accompanied by snacks.
  • Experience Russian drinking traditions during the tasting session

Moscow Distillery Krystall is known for many popular brands of Russian vodka such as "Stolichnaya", "Putinka" etc. It was founded in 1901 as "Moscow State Wine Warehouse №1" During  WW II the distillery produced not only traditional spirits but also petrol bombs, mostly known as "Molotov cocktails".  For its contributions during the war time the distillery was awarded the Banner of the State Defense. The distillery got its current name Kristall  in 1987. Nowadays the distillery was moved to Moscow region and the museum is open at one of the buildings.

During the vodka tour you might  see a great amount of different exhibits which are priceless, because they give you the sense of the lives of Russian people through the times. The museum gets you acquainted with vodka history, as well as different aspects of its production line.  Our local expert, Galina, working for the Kristall Vodka distillery for 25 years, will share numerous stories about the Russian beverage, while our Moscow tour guide will tell you about interesting traditions related to vodka drinking.  Of course, you will be able not only to hear but also experience Russian traditions during the vodka tasting session.

If you wish to include Kristall Vodka distillery museum in your Moscow tour itinerary we would recommend that you plan it for the afternoon.
 Tour duration: 4 hours
The minimum number of people: 10 pax.
We can arrange the tour if there are fewer people but it will raise the costs.

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