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This tour is designed for those who is interested in the literary heritage and everyday life of one of the most prominent Russian authors Leo Tolstoy but also for those who might be curious to know the history of Russian arms.

We are heading to the south from Moscow, to Tula which has been famous for weapons production since Peter the Great times. We will visit the modern Museum of Arms where you can see a great collection of cold and fire arms and learn about its history from ancient times to hi-tech guns. You might even hold some guns and rifles in a mock trench or try some Soviet military uniform. This museum might be interesting not only to gentlemen who are into military history but also to ladies. When else will you hold famous AK-47 in your hands?

The second part of the tour will be dedicated to one of the pacifists and the greatest writer, author of "War and Peace". Leo Tolstoy spent a big part of his life in his family estate Yasnaya Polyana located in vicinity of Tula. That is where he wrote his world-famous works War and Peace and Anna Karenina. That is where he raised his children and spent summer months when they grew up. That is where he was buried. Expect to learn about intricacies of his life and enjoy beautiful scenery of the estate.

Tour duration: 10-12 hours


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