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Why Red Square is Red?

We are happy to invite you to a different tour – an excursion of Red Square combined with a self-guided field trip! That’s a new exciting experience involving learning and discovery activities suitable for everybody.

How it works?

1. First, we make a 40-minutes interactive tour around Red Square for you, introducing its dramatic history and highlighting its picturesque monuments. Your guide is going to help you to trace the events that took place here on the time-line – so you won’t get lost in the centuries! 

2. After that we give out the tasks for the quest – a self-guided field trip during which you are supposed to find out answers to some tricky questions, solve puzzles and a crossword to learn more about the curiosities of Russian culture and history.

3. By the end of the quest you will be met by your guide who will check up your answers to the tasks and explain everything that might still occur unveiled so that finally you appear to be a real connoisseur of Moscow’s heart.

4. Everybody is granted with candies, knowledge and good mood!
Age groups: Kids from 7-12 year old;
Teenagers from 13-15 year old;
Quest duration: 2 hours
Meeting place: At the equestrian statue to Marshal Jukov, metro station “Okhotnyi Riad”
The end of the quest: Behind St. Basil’s Cathedral
The cost of the quest:  depends on the number of participants

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