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Пельмени-/pel'meni/- dumplings

Once again a few words about Russian cuisine which accumulated culinary traditions of nations inhabiting its land. Pelmeni orginating from Sibiria and Tatarstan became a part of Russian and CIS countries cuisine long time ago.  Pelmeni is a sort of dumplings which contain a filling made of minced meat  and wrapped in thin unleavened dough. In different regions of Russia meat can be replaced with mushrooms, onions,sauerkraut and other ingredients.

The word  derives from Udmurt, Finno-Ugric language which meant "ear-bread".  This dish itself apparently came from Asia. Stuffed dumplings were carried by Mongols  from China to the Urals and Siberia and later spread all over Eastern Europe. Nowadays  you can taste different varieties of this dish in numerous dining places during your Moscow food tour.

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