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Day trip to Neviansk and pottery village

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If you stay in Yekaterinburg for a few days, there is a chance to see Ural villages and towns.
You will drive to the Northern Urals, to Nevyansk, the old industrial town founded by the wealthiest Russian dynasty of the Demidovs. Like Pizza, this town is also famous for the leaning tower which you can climb as well as experience unusal acoustic effects within its vaulted ceilings.
Not far from Nevyansk there is an old believers village Tavolgy famous for century old pottery  traditions. Being persecuted by Orthodox church old believers ran from the Central Russian to the Urals and Siberia. They have been known as hard-working, sobers and frugal people.
Visit the local potters, participate in a workshop and taste some local food during the lunch time.
Pottery village
Pottery village

During this tour you will also have a stop in the village af Byngi to visit one of the oldest churches in the Urals - the church of St. Nicolas. Not being destroyed in Soviet days the church strikes with special atmosphere, old frescos on the walls and iron slabs on the floor from the Demidovs factory.

 Tour duration: 8 hours
 Transportation: car/ mini-van


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