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Moscow evening activities

Moscow by night driving tour

Moscow by night driving tourIt’s a pleasure to drive around Moscow without much traffic and watch the incredible illumination of the city. Your Moscow tour guide will show you the best spots for taking pictures.read more

Moscow by night walking tour

Moscow by night walking tourMoscow looks so magic at night. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of our city and admire Moscow in peace and relaxation. During a 3-hour tour you'll explore the central Moscow and see the iconic sights in gorgeous illuminationread more

Moscow bar hopping tour

Moscow bar hopping tourDuring the tour you will learn what drinks are popular in the Russian capital, what bars set the trends, where the best cocktails are made, where the centres of Moscow nightlife are, and where the locals flow when they wanna go bananas!read more

Kostroma show

Kostroma show The Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma” is a truly authentic and grand show which gives you an insight into Russian history and culture. The show takes place daily from June 15 to September 15 at 7.30 pm in Folk Theatre. read more

Family dinner/tea with locals

Family dinner/tea with locals Are you curious to meet a Russian family and visit a typical Moscow apartment? Are you willing to see the daily life of locals, learn about their household, family traditions and other aspects of life? We are happy to invite you to become a guest of one of the Russian families. read more

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