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Family dinner/tea with locals

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Family dinner/tea with locals

 Are you curious to meet a Russian family and visit a typical Moscow apartment?  Are you willing to see the daily life of locals, learn about their household, family traditions and other aspects of life? We are happy to invite you to become a guest of one of the Russian families. 

There are two options of your choice:

Tea with locals

You will be taken to a typical Moscow apartment, learn more about  the area where people are living, where they go shopping etc. You will be offered tea with a home-made pie and an assortment of local sweets. Did you know that Russians have a sweet tooth? You will be treated with the most typical local sweets that are not common outside of Russia. 

 Duration: 2-3 hours

 Dinner with locals.

You will be taken to a typical Moscow apartment, learn more about  the area where people are living. You will be offered a hearty meal and get to know what the Russians eat in everyday life. The menu will be a surprise as each family has their own most favorite recipes. You will be  served with several typical starters known as zakuski, salads, the main course, and various soft and alcoholic beverages. You will not be able to leave the table without  a cup of tea with Russian sweets. Tea drinking tradition is deeply rooted in Russian culture. 
Your Russian friends will be  more than happy to share their recipies as well as teach you to cook one of the dishes.
 A cooking master-class might be included in this visit.

 This visit can be arranged both by car and by public transport and is usually recommended at the end of the day. If you have more time we may also arrange  a tour of non-touristy parts of Moscow where most locals live

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