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We invite you to visit a picturesque town of Gorodets, which is the oldest city in the Nizhny Novgorod region.  Gorodets is famous today as the center of local crafts and the museum capital of the region. You may find museums of samovars, gingerbread, children's, the City of Masters and many others.  In the past the city was also known as one of the centers of Old Believers.
Gorodets is in 53 km from Nizhny Novgorod. Upon arrival you’ll discover a peaceful merchants’ town with its original wooden houses, carved window frames and magnificent views on Volga River. During the tour we’ll visit the Fedorovsky Monastery as well as some unusual museums.
We’ll come to see the Museum of Samovars and the Gingerbread museums and learn about the tea-drinking tradition in Russia. The City of Masters is a complex of wooden buildings brought from Nizhny Novgorod region. Here you’ll find a magnificent wooden noble palace, cozy houses of well-to-do merchants as well as modest peasant huts built in the 16th-19th century. The City of Masters gives you a unique chance to meet a weaver, a potter, a master of woodcarving and see the process of making various traditional Russian crafts. Upon request a master class can be also arranged.
The classic tour of  Gorodets lasts 6-7 hours and features:
• City of masters
• Museum of Samovars
• The Gingerbread Museum
• Revolution Street, Lenin Street, Alexander Nevsky Embankment
• The Fedorovsky Monastery

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