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Holodets is a traditional Russian meal which is served during various celebrations. The word holodets derives from the Russian word "holod" meaning "cold". It is so because the final step of its meal preparation is cooling it in the fridge. Holodets looks like a meat jelly with pieces of meat, at times vegetables such as carrot and spices. To prepare holodets is very easy, but very time-consuming at the same time. Do not waste your time and taste it during your Moscow tour.


Chicken drumsticks
Pork foot
Beef soup bones
2 Carrots
2 Bay leaves
Ground pepper, salt
Eggs for decoration


1. Put pieces of bones and meat in a large saucepan, pour cold water and boil for about 5 hours unless you have a pressure cooker then less time is needed.
2. Put bay leaves, ground pepper, carrots, onions, and salt and boil with low heating for one more hour
3. Remove foam when it comes up to clear the broth.
4.Boil  a few eggs at the same time
5.Cool down the broth and strain it
6. Pull meat aside
7. Pour the broth into the dish put in the fridge for 15 min and then put meat on top and pour the rest of the broth on top. Leave in a fridge.

Bon appetite!

Holodets might appear a rather peculiar food to a foreigner but it is a great combination with vodka that you can try during your three days in Moscow.
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