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Last days of the Romanovs tour

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This tour is designed to acquaint you with the history of Romanovs after their exile to Yekaterinburg. On this tour, you will visit the  Church on the Blood on the place of Ipatyev's house, where the whole family including five children, were assassinated in the basement. In a while, you will drive to the outskirts of the city to visit once the hidden mine, known as Ganya’s Pit where Bolsheviks threw the bodies of the Romanovs after the execution in 1918. There is a beautiful monastery founded in  2000 The church in the Names of Saint Newly Martyrs and five wooden churches were built in honor of different Russian Saints on this solemn place. The churches were built with the local timber without any nails. This monastery is frequented by the Orthodox pilgrims.
Tour duration: 4 hours

Possible tour extensions:
  • Europe and Asia border. That is the place where the West meets the East. Step one foot in Europe and one in Asia, drink a glass of sparkling wine ( or vodka), and learn where this tradition goes from and when this borderline appeared. (Duration: 1 hour)
  • Mafia tour (Duration: 3 hours)

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