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Mediaeval Moscow

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During the tour of Mediaeval Moscow you will learn the everyday life of ordinary and noble people of XVI-XVII centuries. Your Moscow tour guide will show you places which surrounded and excited a person of those days. We invite you to plunge in the depths of the mediaeval history of Russia.

Varvarka street
Varvarka street

Your tour will start from the Mediaeval Market Square (known today as Red Square) which was hustled and bustled with street traders, and enter the Intercession Cathedral on the Moat.( the iconic St. Basil's cathedral) You'll gaze at the impressive church  and learn lots of its secrets.

You'll walk along Varvarka, the oldest street in Moscow scattered with numerous churches.

You'll visit nobility Romanov boyars Chambers and learn about the mediaeval mode of life. This estate is often referred as the Palace of the Romanov boyars but do not expect to see anything in the modern sense of this word. Small rooms, narrow passageways, steep staircases create an atmosphere of old Russia.

You'll end up the tour at one of the most ancient convents (Novodevichy convent) or monasteries (Novospassky monastery).  Novodevichy convent, protected by UNESCO, used to be the royal cloister where  only women of noble blood could take the veil. Novospassky monastery, one of the first founded in Moscow in the early 14th century is the place of  the Romanovs historic burial vault.


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The domes of St basil's cathedral
The domes of St basil's cathedral
Romanov boyars Chambers
Romanov boyars Chambers
Novospassky monastery
Novospassky monastery

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