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Moscow taxi apps

The best way to use a taxi in Moscow is to use online apps. There're a lot of taxi applications now. You can find the most widely spread below:

Yandex taxi in Moscow
Yandex taxi in Moscow

Yandex Go (Android / iOS)
Uber Russia (Android/ iOS)
Gett (Android / iOS)

Uber merged with Yandex in 2017, so nowadays, whatever application you chose, the company Uber Russia or Yandex Go offer very similar services.

Gett taxi in Moscow
Gett taxi in Moscow

What languages do applications work with?

Both Uber Russia and Yandex Go work in English, French, Chinese, and many other foreign languages.

Gett taxi is available in English, Russian, and Hebrew.

What cars are available?

While booking a taxi you may select different types of car. Below you can find the main categories of Yandex Go taxi
Economy  - Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Volkswagen Polo
Comfort  - Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai i40
Comfort +  - Toyota Camry, Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata
Business - Mercedes-Benz E-class, BMW 5, Audi A6
Premier - Mercedes-Benz S-class, BMW 7, Audi A8
Elite - Mercedes-Maybach S-class

Gett taxi offers similar categories of cars.

The usual waiting time for the taxi is around 3-5 min. However, there might be days or hours when cheaper categories are not available and the time to wait might end up 30 min or even longer. We would still recommend you relying on private drivers when you plan your Moscow tour.

Traveling with Children

The Yandex Go has different types of child seats:  children weighing from 9 to 18, from 15 to 25, and from 22 to 36 kg. You can book up to 2 child seats at one time.

Gett taxi also provides child seats. You need to select a "Child" class. If you need two or more child seats or boosters, we recommend leaving a comment and making an order in advance.

Advance booking

Unfortunately, Yandex Go or Uber Russia do not offer the services of advance booking of a driver. In general, it doesn't cause any problems as cars arrive in 3-5 min after the booking is confirmed.

Gett taxi has an option of advance taxi reservation. You may book a cab not less than 60 min in advance with a minimum of a 4-km ride.

Transfer to the airport by taxi

How long does it take to get from the city center to one of the Moscow airports? It usually takes about 1 hour to get to SVO or VKO airport and around 1,5 hours to get to DME airport.

You might get to the airport faster at night, but we'd advise you to be very careful if you travel during the day and if you risk getting stuck in traffic.

You need to book a taxi at least 3,5 hours before departure. It's also useful to remember that while it usually takes 3-5 min to get a taxi at certain hours of the day, you might have to wait 30 or even 40 min waiting for your taxi to arrive. In general, for the airport departures, we'd recommend you book a taxi or private driver in advance.

How much does a taxi cost?

The cost of a taxi in Moscow depends on the type of car, taxi company, and also on the traffic congestion and the time of the day.
The cost of the shortest ride (5-10 min) starts at around 200 rubs if you book an economy class of a car. If you need to get to the train station, to the theatre or a restaurant in Moscow, it might take you 15 min to around 1 hour. It means you'll pay from 300 rubs (a short ride by economy car) to around 1000-1500 RUB (an hour ride by a comfort car).
A transfer to the airport usually cost from 1000 to 2000 rub depending on where from/to you need to go.

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